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Our specialised team develops tailored solutions to ensure the debt is paid, and disputes are resolved fairly and quickly. Our established New Zealand based collection team utilises innovations in client portal technology and integrated automation tools. This makes it possible to pull data from a wide range of sources and develop accurate information profiles to recover your debt, faster. Contact us to register and get started HERE. Load your debtor and debt, as many as you need. We’ll start the debt collection process for you within 24 hours and let you know once a payment plan is in place or we’ve received payment. SEE PRICING HERE.

  • Better response rate
  • Quicker resolution of past due balances
  • Maintain customer relationship
  • 24/7 online access to client portal 


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Agreement Breach. The lender or organisation takes extra steps to get their money back by using a debt collection agency. Using our services can demonstrate the severity of the situation. Often it can encourage the immediate settlement of an account.


A debt collection agency can charge fees over and above what you owe, but only if you were told about those fees at the time that you bought the hire-purchase goods or got the loan. 


Your debt will now appear on your credit record. A default on credit will occur if you fail to pay an expected debt, such as a utility charge, mobile phone bill, credit card repayment or loan. This means:

  • No loans
  • No hire purchases
  • No banking
  • Possibly no job
  • Further costs


If defaulting debtors are unable to be contacted by phone with messages, calls, letters and emails then our agents will visit you at your home or workplace. This means: Distress warrant, Legal escalation, Repossession.


Our team will direct you to the appropriate legal enforcement as the final step. This can include an attachment order, Financial Assessment Hearing (FAH), charging order, Applications for Warrant to Seize Property, Bankruptcy, and Liquidation Proceedings.

Finding Elusive Debtors

Debts are loaded the day they are received; instant communication is made with the debtor. we follow our collection cycle process, proven to recover your debt. Using a variety of methods, we utilise posted mail, phone calls, SMS technology, emails, social media, and field visits to contact your debtors. Combined with our experienced legal counsel, we ensure that every available method will be used to collect your debts. We keep you informed every step of the way.

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