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How many people haven't paid you? Should this money be in your bank account?  We can help!

ROKK provides Debt Recovery, Credit Reporting, and Consultancy Services to clients all over the country, spanning across multiple industries.
You can expect a personal level of service from our team, with a working relationship based on integrity, experience, and dedication to solving the problem. We believe getting debt collection right is about more than just the money – It’s about creating a healthy economy, determining the best course of action and remaining fair throughout.

Our New Zealand based collection team has helped firms all over the nation improve their collections. We have a proven and effective collection system that utilises innovations in client portal technology and automation integration. This makes it possible to pull data from a wide range of sources and develop accurate information profiles to recover your debt, faster.



Elephants are renowned for many valiant traits. Elephants in the wild look after each other and protect their family. They have a keenly developed sense of justice and impeccable memory - If you wrong an elephant, it won't forget.

Standing in front of you, the elephant can't be ignored. Its thick skin protects from harm, its size commands respect, its stance and its tusks require you to act rationally. Try and outrun an elephant and you will find that it moves with surprising speed and agility.

When your business is at a stage where debt collection is required, Rokk will be by your side. Debtors will be treated respectfully, all sides will be heard, but outcomes will be achieved. They may dispute, debate and argue - but there will be an outcome and we are here to ensure the debt is not ignored.


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