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We understand, sometimes, things just don’t go to plan. When Debt Collection Services are required, something has already not gone to plan. Some debtors can’t pay, and some simply won’t pay. There are many reasons why debts remain unpaid and it can be an uncomfortable matter for both sides. Dealing with problematic debt is difficult and many debtors (and clients too) find it easier to simply ignore it and "hope it goes away.”

You may have already invested time and money pursuing your debt and you have been ignored, stalled, confronted, and argued with. Well, that’s why you’re here. It’s time to address the elephant in the room and get your debt sorted.

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Whether you have one or numerous overdue accounts, are a sole trader or large corporation, our team will develop tailored solutions to ensure the debt is paid, and disputes are resolved fairly and quickly. Our Collection Fee may even be FREE – If you have the correct terms of trade the debtor will pay all collection fees.



Our proven process to debt recovery, delivered by a dedicated collection team, guarantees outcomes.

Ethical Collection

We treat people with consideration and respect. Communicate with all clients with honesty and integrity.

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Dispute Resolution

We’ll monitor legal processes within a dispute ensuring a focus on speed of execution and recovery of your debt.

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Our consultancy team will provide you with a comprehensive review of your credit management practices. 

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ROKK Report

Rokk can act as your agent to action credit checks through our extensive database.

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Ledger Management

We act on behalf of our clients to make pre collection calls before an account becomes overdue.

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Legal Action

When legal action is required, we’ll guide you through the process with our extensive network of Registered Agents.

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Using a third party to collect your payments has an impact. Here how.

  1. Your customer might ignore your statements, but when they get a letter from Rokk Debt Recovery they're suddenly motivated to pay.
  2. Using a third party for collections can flush out any gripes or reasons for non-payment for you.
  3. Debt Recovery requires expertise. You need a thick skin, you need to understand human psychology, you need to be tenacious, a good negotiator and have the ability to track down a debtor. Our team has spent years honing these skills.

Simple. Sign up as a new client on our website, and once you’ve accepted our Terms and Conditions, you can login to our client portal and load each debt for collection.

If you have agreed terms of trade with your debtors, please make sure you understand your obligations prior to starting the debt recovery process.

View our pricing tiers and debt load packages here.

No. We can collect as little or as many debts as you need.


Your debt is a problem that Rokk will help to solve. We believe the sooner you contact us the better the outcome is. As time goes on, your options will decrease and your costs will go up. We’re always here for assistance to get your overdue debt paid. Contact us today.


  • Direct Debit Please phone us with your bank details on our FREEPHONE 0800 729 722
  • Email us info@rokk.co.nz
  • Internet banking / Automatic payment


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