A go to between the client and the debtor

Did you know businesses that have effective policies in place and use correct documentation experience fewer disputes and reduced levels of bad debts?

It's possible to minimise debt right from the outset. Our consultancy team will provide you with a comprehensive review of your credit management practices and give you advice on how you can reduce the number of bad debts. This may include changing your internal policies, introducing new systems and using Terms of Trade documentation. We'll take a look at your:

Credit Policy and Practices

Terms of Trade

Ledger Management

Provide you access to our Client Portal technology to manage your debts easier than before.

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Ledger Management

Ledger management is an effective and proactive method of unlocking cash tied up in your business through unpaid invoices.

Both Ledger Management and Debt Collection are laborious and time-consuming tasks, so outsourcing them means you and your staff can be free to focus on more worthwhile revenue-generating tasks. 

We approach your clients to discuss overdue accounts in a courteous and professional manner. That way, you can still retain their business and achieve the desired result of having your accounts paid on time. The benefits? More time to concentrate on core business. Save money. Reduce bad debt. Protect your hard-earned income.


Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade are an essential business tool. They create the framework for the relationship with your customer.

We can provide Terms of Trade information for invoicing and business advice around the debt recovery process for businesses. We’ll help you to ensure your in-house processes are appropriate to ensure maximum collection efforts. We'll give you a FREE REVIEW of your current Terms of Trade, Client/Credit Application, Quote/Estimate Form, Invoice, Personal Guarantee, Work Acceptance Form, etc. Book NOW to get started!­


Legal Services

When debt collection requires legal action, Rokk will partner by your side.

Not all debtors may respond positively to resolve outstanding accounts. Therefore, it may be necessary to escalate matters by way of legal action.

We’ll assist you throughout the entire legal process. We stand as a go to between the client and debtor and provide you with all the information you need. From issuing proceedings to enforcement, we will make it our priority to ensure a team of experienced lawyers are focussed on your file.


Client portal technology

Manage your debts, easiest than ever before.

Rokk give you access to your own client portal that allows you to access real information, in real time. You can see the information our collection team is gathering at various stages of the process. Our secure portal allows you to manage, view and load your cases at your own convenience. Do you need to submit invoices, quotes or contracts? You can do it all here. Our Rokk team is always available for help and support to ensure you are maximising the features and use of the Client Portal.



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